Kicked out of the cafe

The cafe has closed at 7pm. Everything closes round here early. There are no places to go and write and use my netbook other than blokey pubs.

So, I have had to go to Wetherspoons – I never really go to pubs on my own. I had to prop up the bar, which I hate too, to order some food. I look like some ladette.

Right now I am surrounded by ‘white van men’, and three one-arm-bandits and someone is having a go at one of them. It’s quite unpleasant here but at least nobody smokes here anymore and it closes at midnight but I don’t suppose I will be scribbling till that time. The white van men on the table next to me are talking about being ‘hammered’. (I wonder how many conversations they have with that topic?)

I am glad that I haven’t been chatted up by one of these white van men so far. Maybe it is a good thing I am over 40, it has its benefits:-)

I also look like a saddo, billy no mates here. Oh great!

I haven’t had anything to drink othe than tap water, so there is no chance of me being sick everywhere or dancing on table. I feel quite a rebel drinking tap water:-)

However, I think I will be traumatised when I leave this place tonight:-)


2 responses to “Kicked out of the cafe

  1. I take it you are in London the City that never Sleeps. Surely there is a nice Eatery that you can go to at an affordable Price. I hope white Van Men were not talking about getting Hammered Drunk then driving their Vans.

    What are you doing on your Tod in a Pub on a Cold miserable Evening Better to be Home looking at the Computer or Drawing Pictures or Reading a Book.

    I wanted to go to the Supermarket Tonight but didnt bother in the End. I just went Vegetarian for the Night instead,better off. I had Fresh Egg Tagliatelli Pasta in Bolognase Sauce with a Sprinkling of Parmesan Cheese on top.Then a mix of Boiled Swede White Cabbage Carrot and Celery and put some Paprika and Chilli Powder on .Washed down with a Mug of Strong Coffee for afters.

    I could easily go off to the Pub afterwards but I couldnt be bothered. That is for only if the Telly was broke and there was a Football Match on I wanted to see. Pubs do not do anything for me anymore. I have a Tricky Stomach after an Operation 8 Years ago and if I drink more than two or three Beers I just feel Sick so I hardly ever Drink.

  2. I was in Kent. The only eateries around were junk food places and expensive ones. Weatherspoons has a fairly good affordable menu at £3. It was also raining heavily outside and I needed to get this other blog up and running – I was on a roll. It wasnt very crowded,if it was I wouldn’t have gone. It is not very friendly at Wetherspoons pubs tend to treat you like something on a conveyor built. I don’t really like the unfriendly atmosphere there at all but Wetherspoons are all like that. I suppose you have to be going there on a dai ly basis and eventually they are forced to talk to you! England is a bit like that. Pubs are a lot more friendly in Ireland, apart from one I went to, I think us 3 were the only women in there and it wasn’t a gay pub. I don’t think I will be going back to Weatherspoons on my own for a very long time..

    I prefer to go to a cafe late evening but they always close. early.I don’t want to be in a pub unless I have friends along, The design of them all, look like they attract yobs lol

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