New Blog Alert!

Ok folks, this is called created to highlight the numbers of multibikecrashes round the world, so people ‘can’t ignore it’, it is out in cyberspace.

Hopefully more cyclists will be more aware of this happening, and perhaps the laws can be tougher instead of them pandering to these dangerous motorists, who have no concern whatsoever about other people’s lives. What they do with their own life is up to them but why should they inflict misery on others.

When I started this blog and Twitter account ‘multibikecrash’ I was amazed how many multiple bike crashes there were. In fact, it could well be the tip of an iceberg. I have never seen any books on the subject either and don’t know the earliest multi-bike crash in history. I may have to consult the London Transport Museum for help and ideas.

I’d to know whether multibikecrashes are increasing, is this something that will be a regular occurance in the next century, if not earlier? Has it happened in the UK?

Already these massacres are not making national news,but they are often found in some local magazine, few people have heard of.

Hopefully it will encourage other cyclists to contribute to the Twitter account round the world so we will have more links of this happening.

The only ones I had heard about were the Mexican ones, and the Irish one. But are these stories not getting into the national media perhaps because there is no video or picture, some other odd reason, like they prefer to put Cheryl Cole over the frontcovers instead. The so-called broadsheets either ignore them or put them in a tiny paragraph. Many of these crashes will have no picture or video but I will put it up anyway. I don’t think I will be able to get them all obviously but it will give people and idea of what’s happening and maybe the Governments can find way to tackle this issue.

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