NZ motorist smashes into 20 cyclists, injuring 4, cyclist demands stronger laws

Thanks to Bicycle Law for the info:-

“A young driver who crashed into a group of cyclists on Tamaki Drive should be made to work in brain rehabilitation as part of her penalty, says the man she critically injured.

Speaking for the first time since the crash in September, engineer Greg Paterson expressed his disappointment at the sentence given to Jennifer Speakman, 20, last week in the Auckland District Court.

The Papatoetoe student was ordered to pay $1000 to each of the four cyclists she injured and was disqualified from driving for six months.

Mr Paterson said he and his wife, Dr Claire Paterson, thought Speakman should have been “involved in brain rehabilitation in some form”.

“So that she understands what she did. Even if she’s cleaning the floor I don’t care,” he said.

“What she did is the harshest injury I have ever received in my life.”

In his sentencing Judge Eddie Paul said he was legally bound to penalise at the lower end of the range because there were no aggravating features, such as speed or alcohol, to the crash.

In December, Speakman pleaded guilty to four counts of careless driving causing injury – one for each of the cyclists she injured.

Mr Paterson said he remembered nothing of the morning of September 26 and some time after, but had been told he flew through the air at the height of surrounding houses and landed on his head when Speakman failed to halt at a stop sign at the intersection of Cliff Rd and Tamaki Drive, ploughing into 20 Pickled Pedallers cyclists.

Mr Paterson said the law needed to be reviewed to keep sports people safe.

“In order to have fewer injuries like mine the law should be made stronger.”

The BBC should focus on motorists mowing down SEVERAL cyclists. It appears to be becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Is this growing?

Cycling magazines need to discuss this important issue instead of wasting valuable information space in their magazines such as putting up nude photos of Rebecca Romero and other tabloid trivia. As a woman cyclist, I want real news and real discussion, and information on how this can be prevented.

Below is a recent excerpt from a New Zealand whereby a female driver drove into many cyclists. A cyclist later demanded that the driver work in a brain rehabitation unit. This crash reminds me of the Mexican and Irish incidents.

The article didn’t state whether other cyclists reported the driver for ‘alarming them’ and ‘whether her vehicle was crushed or confiscated.

The full article is on

One response to “NZ motorist smashes into 20 cyclists, injuring 4, cyclist demands stronger laws

  1. There was no aggravating features like Speed or Alcohol to the Crash,then how was he flung 20 ft at least into the Air at the height of the Neighbouring Houses. She must have been going very fast to cause that Crash in the first place. She just did not Hesitate to have a look to see if anyone was coming through the Intersection but kept going.

    She should have been barred for a few Years and a Hefty Fine plus a few Months at least in Prison.

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