RoSPA Congress today looking at drivers’ behaviour

An excerpt from RoSPA’s website:

“There will be a focus on driver behaviour and work-related road risk as RoSPA’s 75th Road Safety Congress nears its close today.

Nick Carter, deputy chief executive of the Driving Standards Agency, will be today’s first speaker. He will update more than 200 road safety professionals gathered in Stratford-upon-Avon on the DSA’s Learning to Drive reforms, which are changing how novice drivers are trained and tested.

In the day’s second presentation, and linked to the overarching congress theme of what the UK can learn from international experience, Ana Martí-Belda Bertolín, of the University of Valencia, will outline Spain’s penalty points system. The system sees drivers start with a set of driving licence points which can be lost after offences but also gained for offence-free periods.

Cor Kuijten, of the Netherlands National Police Agency, will then present the issue of drug driving as a threat to road safety across Europe.

With driving the most dangerous thing that most of us do in the course of our working lives, the event’s final speakers will focus on the issue of managing occupational road risk.

Dr Will Murray, research director at Interactive Driving Systems, and Roger Bibbings, RoSPA’s occupational safety adviser, will present the findings of a review of worldwide occupational road safety.

WO1 William McLean, a vehicle accident trends investigator with the Ministry of Defence, will then outline how the safety of service personnel on roads across the world is addressed.”

but cyclists will beg to differ when they have this to say:

“The UK is a world leader when it comes to road safety but we must keep looking for ways to make things even better so we can further reduce the number of people killed and injured.”

We are better than Bolivia and their road of death, but we are still terrible. Less drivers get hurt but what about us cyclists?

One response to “RoSPA Congress today looking at drivers’ behaviour

  1. It is Debatable with all the Accidents,Multiple Motorway Crashes, Single Car Crashes,Cyclists being Killed by Lorries mostly. It is getting Safer but not much improvement for Cyclists and Pedestrians.

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