BBC Working Lunch iplayer 23 Feb Parents commit Motor Insurance Fraud

The Motor Insurance Bureau and Aviva have just released details showing that a fifth of 17 – 25 year old drivers admit to motor insurance fraud by ‘fronting’ insurance policies.

This was featured on BBC’s Working Lunch programme on 23 February and is available to watch with iPlayer.

Parents have been saying they are the main driver, but they are NOT to ‘reduce costs’ but I worked in insurance and young drivers are not allowed to drive their parent’s car as it may be a sports car! They are not allowed to drive certain vehicle under certain grades. I wonder just how many parents are doing this for their beloved.

Their little Jonny or Harriet would never ‘commit a driving offence’.

At the end of a motor insurance proposal form, they have to say they are saying the truth to their best knowledge but clearly they want to cheat the motor insurance company.

It is more about cutting costs, but young drivers can be dangerous! University students don’t need a car anyway. There are good cheap alternatives ie National Express Coaches and they have fun fares, They could take a train, bus or taxi to their home or a bike. Why is there a need to get Little Johnny to have a car?


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