Anti-Social Motorists still using Mobile Phones say YouGov Poll

“Drivers are illegally using hand-held mobiles not just for making and receiving calls but for texting, calling up the internet and even checking messages on Facebook and Twitter, the YouGov poll for car parts company Halfords found.

The survey of 2,100 adults revealed 31% of drivers admitted taking a call while at the wheel and 22% said they had made a call.

As many as 28% of motorists confessed to reading a text while driving and 18% had sent a text.

The survey also showed that 5% of drivers had read a post on Facebook, Twitter or another social website, with 2% even admitting posting on Facebook or sending an email while at the wheel.

Also, 3% read their emails while still in charge of a car, with 2% saying they had used the internet while driving to check traffic reports and find directions.

Some tried to justify in-car internet usage by claiming they only did it when in stationary traffic or at traffic lights, though this is still illegal.

Overall, 52% of adults have been a passenger in a car when the driver has made or received a phone call”.

They just don’t care do they, even if they have another passenger or passengers. That’s why the UK needs tougher laws, and more Smart Cars.


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