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That Stupid Orbit at Stratford

Just don’t even go there! These steel magnates want to lord it over the poor.. and I could list endless points about why I hate it!

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Pashley spotting

This one was out by London Bridge station, the bicycle next to it had been vandalised unfortunately.

Class War

Outside a pub by Liverpool Street Station and Bishopsgate.

And what Sculpture do they want at the Greenway?

Ahh a gasworks. Why didn’t think of that? Well, that’s easy, I am not a Tory.

Why don’t they just add piles of tyres and grafitti to the path while they are at it.

Maybe they want to put off cyclists once and for all.

First road in 100 years to be ‘car free’ but not taxi free

From the Standard:

“The first major new road in London for a century is set to be car-free.

A “boulevard” through the heart of the King’s Cross redevelopment will be lined with small shops, a “concept” Sainsbury’s, department store and hotel.

But only buses, taxis and cyclists will be allowed to use the road, believed to be the first new major link since Kingsway opened in 1905. Planners want to create a “continental feel” and it is due to be finished by the end of next year.

The road is part of a further £50 million investment in the 67-acre scheme, now known as King’s Cross Central. It is vital in connecting King’s Cross and St Pancras stations with the northern half of the development site on the opposite side of Regents Canal”.

Hmm, surely Sainsbury’s need to unload their lorries here? They aren’t telling us everything. Come out with it Boris, come clean. This is a gimmick.

And with all the zilllions of taxis, it won’t end up like Europe, it will end up like Asia, such as Hong Kong.

Will cyclists have to share the road with buses and taxis? Why don’t they use bicycle rickshaws for this instead? If they really want a ‘continental feel’, why don’t we have trams? And let’s get rid of dreary Sainsburys and let’s get the Swiss Centre back with the clock and make it into a ‘continental market setting’ not a highway.

The Greenway is now ‘an Airstrip’

The grassy cycle path has now been tarmac-ed over for the Olympics and it looks more like an extension to London City airport.

Maybe it is one of silly Boris’s shared schemes and cyclists have got to share it with planes.

Leniency Wanted

Here a cyclist displays a ‘Baby on Board’ sticker in the hope that the police will allow him to go through red lights as ‘he was a parent with a baby’, actually he joked about this but as you can see from the previous photo, parents are treated very leniently, they are allowed to park wherever they like.