Grumps at Leytonstone Station

You can tell it is Monday morning, station staff are even more grumpy than usual.

Unfortunately it was made worse as bf thought he could travel after 0930 by bike, but generally that is up to the discretion/grumpiness of station staff. They said curtley ‘cycle to Leyton’. Sure it is only a short journey but we were in a hurry. Bf is a very much a ‘get there quickly’ cyclist, but I am not normally in a tearing hurry.

Personally I would have preferred to cycle there anyway, get up earlier and completely avoid miserable jobsworths, especially if they are in the right.

The London Bridge station staff were also grumpy. Beware!

Next time they are rude I will try and get their number/name and write a comment form. They won’t like that very much!


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