Police Priorities at Bishopsgate: Beggars, Prostitutes & Cyclist

I wanted to chase up a motorist from Caterlink who drove up a pedestrianised/cycling area illegally between Mon-Fri outside Liverpool Street Station last December.

I took a Reg No and Video Coverage and reported it to the police.

I hadn’t heard anything back from the police since.

Considering how dangerous the roads are here, removing prostitute cards appears to be incongruously one of the main priorities, now is this anything to do with congregation and clergy from nearby churches? Are Bishopsgate Police a kind of Religious Police?

This reminds me of Ireland and my days at the Convent School. Will they ban the burka at Bishopsgate and make that No 1 priority?

When I finally got through to them I explained that I had video footage and an Intel Report. They said were not expected to contact me back on this as ‘I wasn’t affected’ ie a victim. (Does this mean the motorist has got away with it?). I don’t exactly feel safe if he hasn’t been given a fine. It leaves me up in the air.

However they said that each time a motorist does this, an Intel form can be filled in, either at the station or on the phone. The more the police get, they can see what menaces they are and perhaps stage a campaign at certain times.

When I spoke to the woman (actually she was friendly), she went on about cyclists breaking the rules, but I had to remind her that it was a motorist breaking the rule in my case. In fact I had this several times, as soon as they heard the word ‘cyclist’ transferred me to Prosecutions.

They did say they would check the CCTV, well, that’s if there was any around there, to get more evidence and use my video as extra evidence.

As you can see the police priorities at Bishopgate below are CYCLISTS, beggars and prostitutes.

Cyclists must report bad driving to the police and make sure an Intel Form is completed.

“On Wednesday 9th December 2009 as a result of the North Area Community Partnership Meeting (Bishopsgate Side) held at Pritchard Englefield, 14 New Street, London EC2M 4HE, you decided that your Safer City Wards Team would work on the following priorities of concern from Thursday 10th December 2009.



1. Address begging anti social behaviour that is linked to begging.
2. Address prostitute carders, who are littering and causing a nuisance to City workers and residents.
3. Address rough sleepers who cause anti social behaviour, by drinking and urinating.
4. To improve the general environment throughout Bishopsgate.


1. Address cyclists disregarding red traffic lights at the junction of Beech Street and Aldersgate Street EC 2Y8 specifically between 7:30am and 9:30am.
2. Address anti social behaviour in and around the Golden Lane Estate and the Barbican EC1Y during the evenings and early mornings when clubs within the Smithfield area close.

These priorities were set at the ward panel meeting on Monday 12th October 2009, which was held at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD.


We conducted a S.A.R.A. problem solving approach to undertake all these priorities”


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