Things I enjoy collecting

1) Books about cycling but generally not those irritating ‘Cycle Touring through France’ and ‘How to Buy a Bike’ types – these are made for Tory leisure cyclists.

Usually you get those horrible smiling pictures of 2.5 famillies (probably posed by equally irritating models).iI think that’s enough to people off of cycling. Far to ‘Sound of Music’ for me. Also Bike Maintenance books – just how many do you need? Why are on earth are there so many of them? I like something perhaps old and quirky or something that is about bike commuting. If it is funny, that’s a bonus.

2) Cycling stamps and cycling ink stamps.

3) Art books – drawing, painting and abstract.

4) Cycling Postcards – for my cycling scrapbook

5) Bikes – that goes without saying.. I quite fancy a Brompton (who doesn’t) and a European bike.

6) Biographies

7) Poetry books

8) Graphic Novels but not those Batman types but normally non-fiction or Shakespeare in Manga . This craze is fairly new. They also help me with my drawing so a handy learning tool. Manga isn’t just for teenagers – shock horror!

9) Charity medals – from marathons and bike rides. I like to keep them hanging up in my living room – mainly because I have a rubbish memory and I would quite easily have forgotten what I have done.

10) Philosophy books even though I struggle to understand them.

12) Frames and canvasses, you just can’t have enough!

13) Bike stickers

14) Games – I have loads of different types of chess sets, and I enjoy vintage games.

15) Bicycle garden paraphenalia – this is a comparently recent one.

Today I have bought ‘Two Wheels’ a book by Matt Seaton, another book to add to my collection. Once I have read it I will review it on It looks a quick read.


2 responses to “Things I enjoy collecting

  1. The Sportive Touring Books turn me off,those that show People Cycling up Le Cote Ventoux or the Alpes De Huez . I really am not that fit,if a Hill gets to long and steep I just get off and walk. Which is why I mostly wear semi Hiking Walking Shoes,which are kind of like Trainers but very comfortable if the Terrain is a bit rough. But I sometimes like Bike Touring Books describing the different Cities and Towns ,the type of Food the problems encountered like broken parts and how to get the Bike fixed. Sometimes being stuck with the wrong Tyres or a Dodgy Chain that a Bike Mechanic fitted on a Bike in an out of the way place and having to make do until they could get better facilities in a City.

    On Bike Manuals these are handy up to a point but you cant beat a Hands on experience of actually attending a Course these would be best. I do not Relish being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken Chain and trying to fix it for the first time or worse something happening to your Rear or front Mech or Bottom Bracket,enough of the Technical. Bike Manuals are usually Dear to buy,I was Eyeing up one recently in a Book Shop. It was alright not bad at € 19.00 Euro I was Debating with myself on whether to get it or not then did not bother in the End.

    Three Books I got recently but have not Read,one I have got to Page 15 about the French Revolution, The Terror,Civil War in the French Revolution by David Andress.

    Résistance by Agnes Humbert Memoirs of Occupied France about the French Resistance.

    La Vié en Bleu France and the French since 1900 by Rod Kedward.

    I have a habit of keeping the Receipts of Hotel Bills ,Museum Tickets,Sew on Badges of the cities and different Places I have been to. Some of these are quite Artistic.

  2. Can I add one more book to your collection? I’ve just released an eBook with 25 cycle routes in London. I’d be happy to send you a copy? Give me an e-mail if you would like to take a look. Andreas (londoncyclist)

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