Saying Why I don’t drive

I was chatting to this B & B lady (for various reasons). She was a ‘traditional’ provincial old lady.

She asked me as I left the B & B ‘where’s your car?. She had forgotten that I don’t use one.

She then asked me why I don’t drive. I said in a polite kind of way ‘that driving isn’t what it used to be, it it’s not ‘enjoyable’ anymore. Roads in the South East are too busy and there are just too many careless and dangerous drivers about to make me even want to contemplate coming across them. There are a lot more cycle paths now so I use them instead. That shut her up:-)

But she saw my point and said that she only had met a motorist using a handheld phone that afternoon, who nearly went into her’.

It is important that you make motorist look like dangerous nutters and ‘turn it the other way round’.

Of course, I could have said ‘it is green’ but then you would spend hours on the pavement arguing over politics. I didn’t make it worse by saying ‘there are too many 80-year-olds driving too when they should be taking the bus we pay for.


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