Absence of Garden Centres in Central London

One thing I notice about Central London is the lack of garden centres.

If there are any, they are hidden behind many streets miles from anywhere and they only sell a handful of things and often the plants look dead. And if there is a market, you end up going on the wrong day.

I like to stock up on seeds. Even these basic items are impossible to get here. They are so easy to carry on a commute home. Going into a garden centre kind of puts me in touch with nature.

Now I think Trafalgar Square should have a regular farmers’ market, maybe some animals could be there too so tourists and city peeps can see rare breeds and commuters could buy some local produce.

I am pleased to see that there is a Farmers’ Market at Liverpool Street although even then there is no guarantee you can get any seeds, which are cheaper in the long run, than plants.

Farmers Markets in London http://www.lfm.org.uk/ – the link is also on the right of this blog and Garden Centres in London http://www.garden-centre.org/gardencentres.asp?county=London – again, I have put this link on the right.


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