Cambridge Greenwash

I watched this irritating video (they aren’t normally irritating) on about the parliamentary cycle tour in Cambridge- the Quick Release blog is on the right with the video accompanying it.

Needless to say that it was all ‘very rooooosy’ with all these lofty MPs and officials, although some of it was good but they left out a lot of stuff. The elections are coming up, was that something to do with it? Cambridge sounds like Utopia. (Personally I think Oxford is a lot better, even London.)

But have a look at the video first.

In’s blog it was said in January 2010 that Cambridge is ‘Bike Theft capital of Britain’ this wasn’t mentioned in the ‘pre-election’ Tour although we were shown lots of bike racks outside the station to which the MP was fawning over – shame they aren’t at all secure.

Most of the cyclists on the Tour were not wearing helmets, even though legally, if they had an accident with a motorist, they could be part to blame with contributory negligence. And what would happen if they encountered the numerous Cambridge potholes or a deadly cyclelane with a telegraph pole in the middle of it? Maybe many of them didn’t have any cycle helmets because they never cycle.

The video didn’t have any motorists blocking the cycle lanes or glass in the gutter? Strange. I see that all the time.

The video failed to mention the hundreds of potholes in Cambridge, another reason for these cyclists to use helmets.

Despite the video, many of the roads are still 30mph in surburban areas of Cambridge and still don’t have cycle paths let alone off road ones.

I wonder how many after their bike ride, jumped back in their heated car?


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