Fatality: Young Cyclist v Keltbray ‘Exchanging Places’ Lorry, Snowsfields

A Tweet From SE1

Can confirm v nasty apparently fatal collision between lorry and cyclist outside Rose pub Snowsfields. Full story in due course 4 minutes ago via Tweetie


Weston Street near London Bridge is closed with an accident between Snowsfields and St Thomas Street. @SE1

Update; 1322 Hours

From SE1 news

“Cyclist killed at junction of Snowsfields and Weston Street
The scene of the accident viewed from Guy Street Park.

The police were called at about 9.50am on Tuesday morning to reports of a serious road traffic collision involving a lorry and a cyclist.

The male cyclist, who is believed to be in his early 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene.

An investigation will be carried out by the collision investigation unit based at Catford Traffic Garage.”

Ironically, Keltbray lorries have been used in the Tfl/Police Lorry/Cyclist Safety Campaign. In fact I have been in one of these vehicles and they do have cyclist mirrors. The police in my video confirm that drivers can see the cyclists on the left but it is up to the driver to look. The Tfl video has just been released asking drivers to pay more attention.

Considering how much awareness is going on, why is this still happening and to a Keltbray lorry, of all drivers too? Will Keltbray take part in any more tfl road safety campaigns?

Keltbray and their Cyclist Sensor system – was it working? How many hours do these lorry drivers work?

Update: A male was arrested at the scene.


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