Talking about Work & Bumping Into People

One of my many pet hates is bumping into people who are customers ie people you know through work only and you only have a ‘work face’ which you have to ‘put on anyway’ otherwise ‘you’d be in trouble’.

This annoying enounter is more likely when you live not far from your workplace. It is times like these when you rather commute by train and live miles away.

The thing with bumping into these people means that ‘they want to talk about work’. You become ‘the face’ not the person. This guy I met waiting at the fish and chip van asked me several questions about work but each time I joked and said ‘there will be a £1 fine if I talk about work’. In my job I don’t have much ‘freedom’ to say exactly what I think and no say about it whatsover. I am not a manager therefore I have no interest in the place unless it is to pay the bills for my mortgage. But customers don’t get this!

I even said I had 2 days off which was great!

Well I think he knows about it now.

2 responses to “Talking about Work & Bumping Into People

  1. jackgreen88

    You would think he would get the Message,no talking Shop after Work. It is a Golden Rule here where I live,if per Chance they do not get the Message then a Polite Reminder is sufficient to persuade them to not ask questions about work.

    People are glad to be finished work,it is an unspoken rule not to bring it up in conversation.

    After they finish at 5.30 – 6.00pm or on their Day off nobody speaks about Work unless it is of vital importance,it is just not done.

    They might ask you to Accompany them for a Pint or a Coffee and a Sandwich if they done Business with you . But Work would be the last thing on their Mind.

  2. Is that right? That’s really nice. Here they are obsessed about work anyway, even their hobbies are work. The questions I had were definitely not ‘vital importance’ anyway if they wanted an answer, they could phone the office. I am not a mobile office!

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