Tfl Cyclist Safety Campaign

The words are good – motorists just aren’t bothering ‘to look’. How many times are motorists trying to drive out of junctions and not even bother to look for cyclists, let alone other cars? It is pretty dense really.

The ‘scream’ in the video was effective – I think the sound of a cyclist screaming will be ringing in driver’s ears, and other people on the street will listen and no driver likes to have negative attention.

The bank robbery idea was a bit ‘naff, but most motorists I have seen who do this are
‘normal people’ ie business people, leisure motorists, etc not bank robbers, that’s probably more in the minority even in East London!

The video looks quite ‘male orientated’ but female motorists also don’t bother to look for cyclists too.

I don’t think people will identify the motorist with a bank robber though.

But it does make a point that a motorist looks like a LOUT when he doesn’t drive considerately.

Overall I think it is OK, something different, although a bit short.

Another thing I have seen lately, which impressed me, was that there is a poster campaign as well ie THINK cyclist and I saw a large poster at Leytonstone Station. This was excellent.

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