Violence against Women

The Cycling Community, and that includes myself, gets worked up about cycling deaths but when a woman has been stabbed in London nothing, unless people have joined the Reclaim the Night marches.

In Scotland there are over 40,000 incidents of violence against women and with those sorts of figures, you can just imagine that it is like in the rest of the country.

If a cyclist gets killed by a lorry there is an outcry but if a woman, who happens to be a cyclist in her spare time, gets attacked at night in London, there is nothing.

I am really angry that women are not safe in London in general.

It is not just physical violence but it is verbal abuse too because men at night have been drunking.

In London, I feel more wary of the unpredictable groups of drunks than dozy lorry drivers. At least with a bike you can choose to walk on the pavement although when you do, you could be attacked.

Sometimes it is safer to be on a busy highway that walking on a pavement at night.


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