2nd cyclist Killed by Truck Driver

From the Hackney Gazette:

“A woman cyclist has died in a collision with lorry on the Victoria Park Road roundabout during the rush hour this morning (10 March).

London Ambulance Service paramedics attended a traffic accident involving a bicycle and a tipper truck shortly after 8.30am today at the junction between Lauriston Road and Victoria Park Road in South Hackney.

A 27-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The lorry driver was taken to hospital suffering from shock.”

No details of the company involved.

Why are these lorries being used in the rush hour?


3 responses to “2nd cyclist Killed by Truck Driver

  1. Saw the ambulance crew this morning trying their best to help. Don’t want to say too much until we know what happened but I’m still very shaken and did not enjoy my cycle ride to work. My thoughts are with her family.

  2. My Material Void

    I am a cyclist and i went past the accident this morning, it is a terrible thing that a life was lost. As you say there is no response yet, but from what i could tell the cyclist was lying to the left hand side of the road, which could have meant she was sat in the lorries blind spot…

    …this is what i hate to see cyclists saying that it is the fault of other road users when in fact i find that the worst road users of all are uneducated cyclists who have probably never even driven a car before so have no idea what it is like…

    instead of calling for a ban on lorries during rush hour (which in my mind is totally ignorant statement) do you not think you should call for some sort of road training scheme for cyclists – maybe the government could fund this by putting CSOs on the streets near busy junctions to pull over cyclists that blatantly endanger not only their own lives but the lives of other road users to hand out on the spot fines and show these cyclists the aftermath of a cyclist hit by a lorry….

  3. I believe in compulsory road training for cyclists but it is a shame the Government doesn’t do that. It is like a brick wall. Of course you have to have both. Again this won’t solve it as people will break the law. Drivers have a test but they are still driving recklessly.

    A ban in parts of London would stop deaths completely unless of course drivers break the rules. I think in certain areas they should be banned. Other cities do this. And now Boris is thinking of doing the same.

    As a woman cyclist who cycles around London Bridge regularly I would welcome the ban and I would like to think it would help with congestion too and the flow of traffic. I am pleased that Jenny Jones and Jo Clegg are calling for a ban too.

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