Buy Your Spuds & Bike at Tesco

An excerpt from Roadcc’s website:

“Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer, has set its sights on the bicycle sector, opening a ‘Bike Shop’ concept at a number of its stores, according to the trade website, BikeBiz.

Rumours that the supermarket giant had been considering such a move had been circulating for some time, and a Tesco spokesman has confirmed that it has opened Bike Shops at seven stores, including one in Chesterfield.

The retailer is also offering customers the option of having the bikes they buy built by trained staff, which BikeBiz believes is the first time such a service has been offered by a supermarket.

The provision of an assembly service does give Tesco a point of difference to its non-specialist competitors at the lower end of the market. Last year, the difficulty of self-assembly of flat-pack bikes from retailers including Asda, Tesco and Argos, and the dangers that can arise if they are put together incorrectly, were highlighted in a BBC Watchdog programme addressing the issue of so-called BSOs – bicycle-shaped objects.

A spokesman for Tesco told BikeBiz: “We launched Bike Shops in seven of our stores before Christmas. These stores had a specific area for bikes and offered the option to have the bike assembled. “

At first I was dubious, but I have been looking at the positive things about it.

One of them is that they are hopefully going be much cheaper than many independent shops who often charge a staggering £12.50 for 30 minutes labour and high accessory costs. Not all cyclists have a high income.

I have also heard that Tesco are good employers as I used to have a lodger who worked there. Many will have bike racks fairly close by unlike some bike shops, like Halfords don’t have any bike racks at all, unless they are a better branch of them but I haven’t come across any of these.

Hopefully, they will cater for a different market – perhaps cater more for the ‘commuter cyclist, leisure mountainbiker and shopper’.

Another thing I like is that there maybe a cafe nearby. Great to have whilst waiting for a bike to be fixed. I often go to the cafe in the supermarket and have wondered why they don’t go into the bike market.
With a cafe nearby, you can take your friends, even non cycling ones, and meet them where and while you are waiting, pop into the bike shops or after you meet your friend. It is also handy to shop and get bike stuff at the time time. Perhaps even more women will want to go there, without feeling ‘oh it is a blokey bike shop’` Perhaps more bikes would be sold including kids’ bikes.

Though we don’t have a Tesco in my town, I would consider going to the next town by train. It may even be a lot more friendly, more of a community-feeling and relaxed than these souless ‘time-trial obsessed’ bike shops.

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