When will the laws change?

Again people are wondering ‘who’s fault it is?’ in a cyclist v lorry accident.

Again I say, if the law was like in Germany, it would be the lorry driver automatically.

If the law was tougher then drivers, and their companies, would do their utmost to try and avoid cyclists and they would choose to avoid times where it is busy. Even the ones that are trained aren’t necessary competant and I have met some very bad lorry drivers nearly going into me.

I don’t think I can compete with an 18T truck on a busy main road. I managed to have a word with him when I caught up and he blamed me for not having my flashing red lights on and having just my (legal) red light on. And I wore Hi-Viz. and a helmet. He should have driven more carefully round cyclists. Why should I get the blame for a driver not seeing my red lights properly?

I presume it can be a horse riders fault if they are on the left of a lorry?! As if they can just suddenly ‘get out of the way’.

Drivers in large heavy vehicles must drive properly. It is always us cyclists who come out the worse. The law is far too soft.

One response to “When will the laws change?

  1. My Material Void

    i take it you have seen this


    eye witnesses clearly state that they were both waiting at the junction, the rider was sat on the inside, maybe the truck really couldn’t see her and it was a truly horrific and unfortunate accident that we should all take a lesson from?

    how can you constantly blame other road users? surely you are encouraging others to think like you? why should it always be the fault of the driver?!

    if a cyclist pulls up in the blind spot of a stationary vehicle is it still the drivers fault?!

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