Poor Road Infrastructure? Victoria Park cyclist crushed against railing

From the Evening Standard today regarding the Victoria Park cyclist killed recently:

“The cyclist was said to be on her way to work at a charity in Hackney.

Arun Patel, 58, who owns a nearby shop, said the cyclist and the truck were waiting at the zebra crossing at the roundabout because of the traffic.

“She was on the left hand side,” he said. “The truck turned left and hit her and she got crushed by the railings.”

Karolina Paczkowska, 27, who works in a nearby café, said: “I think she was wearing a helmet, but it would not have done much in this case. Everyone rides to work — it could have been any one of us.”

The article went on about her ‘wearing a helmet’ which is typical in the British media but again failed to mention why the truck driver was unable to see her – were there no cyclist mirrors and sensors fitted by the Company.

There is no blind spot if the lorry had the correct mirrors but we appear not to have any information on this let alone the company involved.


2 responses to “Poor Road Infrastructure? Victoria Park cyclist crushed against railing

  1. What has Helmets got to do with it,she is entitled not to wear a Helmet. Put a Helmet under a Car and see what happens. I thought Boris Johnson was getting Rid of those Barriers,if no Barrier then she would have been struck on the Shoulder Arm forcing her onto the Path. Possibility of Broken Shoulder,maybe no injuries at all because of slow speed of Lorry.

    It was the Barrier that Killed her,plus the fact the the Driver did not see her.Probably not minding what if anything was on his left in spite of Mirrors.

    I try to get in front of Traffic especially Trucks at Lights instead of staying at the side. Or if I do not trust the Lights to stay on long enough to get in front I stay behind that Truck ,far safer.

    I try to overtake that Truck on the right if it is at the Lights if I have time not the inside and stay out well in front of Truck..

    You cannot trust them to go straight on,I have seen Cars and Trucks change their mind and suddenly turn left without putting on an Indicator.

    Should be banned in Cities and Towns these Trucks.

  2. Also he may have had mirrors but they could have been broken. I understand that it costs a lot to buy mirrors and lorries get these broken all the time. But, I wonder if any of this ever is in in the investigation? Just what does get investigated?

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