Railings are ‘contributing’ to cyclists’ deaths

An excerpt from Road cc in February this year:

“Southwark Council is only now considering removing railings that contributed to an accident causing a cyclist’s death almost two years after the event, following a sustained campaign by local London Cycling Campaign group, Southwark Cyclists.

The victim, 33-year-old mother Nga Diep from Brockley, had been cycling to work at Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital Trust when a skip lorry forced her into the railings, at the junction of Rotherhithe New Road and Ilderton Road. She was then run over by the lorry’s rear wheels.

A coroner’s inquest in October 2008 returned a verdict of accidental death.

Following the fatality, Southwark Cyclists launched a campaign calling on Southwark Council, run jointly by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, to remove the railings.”

I find it curious that is ‘accidental death’ when the railings contributed towards it – why not contributory negligence? I don’t understand the law, I just know it doesn’t make any sense.


@GreenJennyJones – Re Victoria Park death cyclist squashed into railings? Will they get removed like Southwark are going to? #london

One response to “Railings are ‘contributing’ to cyclists’ deaths

  1. They are very slow to act until People keeps Screaming at them. Over here in Ireland whether it is because we are a smaller Country with an even smaller Population and everybody basically knows each other and the Politicians are easier to get hold of they act more when put under Pressure. They generally get around to do something after awhile.

    If enough People get annoyed and complain about a Railings or a bad bend they do something about it providing it does not cost much Money.

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