The Streetview Trike

Google Streetview has ‘hit the rurals’, even where I came from on a farm. It is sooo weird. I get to see my bike commute to work and the train station but the roads were very quiet when in reality they are busy and noisy. Streetview was taken in the Spring and my daffs are out which is really nice. I think I am one of the lucky ones though some of my paint on the house is peeling. I better sort that out then!

There are no cars in front of my house and I made sure I put some anti-car stones in the front:-)

I am looking forward to ‘exploring Kent’ without being run over by 60mph+ motorists in a rush and ones that are not used to seeing cyclists on the road. I hope I will see some cyclists on Streetview since, in the rurals, they are few and far between unless they are cycling in the rush hour or on a Sunday morning. There was not a single cyclist in my lane at all. I don’t know where I was. I may have been at work or out shopping.

Someone on Twitter says he saw his sister pick up some dog poo.

Many of the provincial people I have spoken to have never even heard of Streetview, and they will go potty when they know what it is. Here, they like their privacy a lot. With Google Streetview it looks OVER hedges and fences, it could be fun:-)

I am looking forward to seeing horrible steep Kent hills, pretty countryside, farm animals and cr*p cycles lanes – maybe some lovers in fields – haha. It is just as well they do Streetview during the day time as it could be ‘rather dodgy at night in some of the infamous car parks’.

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