Egghead Inventor Wanted

I went to my local ‘unchainy, friendly, non-rip off, non-patronising bikeshop shop repair man today to get my brakes fixed at short notice and he did it, which was great, none of this whopping ‘late in the day’ massive labour charge as well.

Anyway, we had a chat about some of his latest bike stories and he said that one old bloke, the old bloke I bought a bike off, said that he was looking for some stabilisers as he is getting a bit wobbly but he could not find any stablisers for adult bikes, only kids and they did not fit. And he refused to get a tricycle. He loves his bikes. I think he is about 80 bless him. He is the one with the Union Jack on his bike.

Now, surely there is a market for adult stabilisers, as many old people I know have given up cycling because of their balance and are now driving their car or out scootering.

We need Bicycle Egghead Man (or Woman) to put their thinking caps on to help wobbly OAPs.

When I get a moment I will contact Age Concern as they may have some ideas on ‘special aids’ although I expect they will say ‘give up cycling’ though!

One response to “Egghead Inventor Wanted

  1. weefoldingbike

    George Longstaff used to make trike conversion kits which would bolt onto a bike frame. I can’t find it on their web page and the blessed George died a few years ago.

    Riding a trike is quite different from a bike. You have to unlearn balancing.

    I’ve got a Longstaff TWD in the garage which I use on icy days. A Pashley trike is easier to ride for people who are used to a bike.

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