The Alternative ‘IPC’ Cycling Mag: ‘Cycling Rag’ – BARGAIN HUNT

This week’s bargains:-

Today I bought :

a basic plastic pump (it is very light but I haven’t tested it out yet), a long sleeve fingerless Hi-Viz armwarmer, a big can of multi-purpose bike oil and a pair of pink fingerless gloves for £5 the lot in one of those big 99p shops.

But in the shiny weekly IPC mags, you would probably end up paying £35+ the lot if you see their ads.

However, the pink gloves aren’t very well padded I have to say. But still you can get a good deal a for £4. I am really happy with my Hi-Viz arm warmers which I can put under my jacket, as often it is freezing in the morning. A lot of the H-Viz stuff ie gloves is normally expensive. These gloves, however, are not watrrproof and it would be hard to remove oil.

I am just waiting for the pound shop to sell Bromptons:-)


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