Chemicals E-2DD & 2-EMD found in Waltham Forest drinking water (Thames Water)

We have been drinking this water for a while and already my bf has been feeling sick for two days, but I am ok. Here is a news article from the BBC:-

“Since the start of February 800 people have complained

Foul smelling drinking water reported by residents of east and north London was caused by a chemical used in glues and manufacturing, it has emerged.

Since the start of February 800 people have complained about the smell, caused by a contamination of the River Lea.

Now Thames Water has said the smell was caused by the chemicals 2-EDD and 2-EMD, present at harmless levels.

At its height there were 30 billionths of a gram of the chemicals in each litre of water.

A Thames Water spokesman said the chemical had a “low smell threshold”, meaning some people could detect it even at very low levels.

He said: “Our most recent tests indicate that minute traces of these substances in water going to customers in north-east London have significantly reduced and are now almost undetectable.

“Although 800 of the two-million customers served by our Walthamstow works have reported an unusual smell in their water since the start of February, this has never been a health concern.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate has begun an investigation.

A spokeswoman confirmed that if the water was found to be unfit for consumption or inadequately treated Thames Water could face fines of thousands of pounds.

“Consumers experiencing ongoing taste and odour problems should contact their water company in the first instance.”

and the Waltham Forest Gazette said today:

About 1,000 people complained of foul smelling and tasting tap water, with some complaining of sickness after drinking it.

Approximately two million people were affected by the contamination. “

and Thames Water failed to mention 'the problem' on Twitter but they did say instead:

"We've been given an ICE Special Award, recognising our work to extend the Ring Main (London's M25 for water) & its contribution to London."


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