Unlicensed London Bicycle Rickshaws – No Background Checks – Beware!

I was reading a February copy of ‘Company’ magazine and one of the letters was from a woman who was almost sexually attacked whilst using a London rickshaw at night.

The London Rickshaw driver took her to somewhere else, not to where she wanted to go, and then his friend’s car came and four men got out to try and assault her. Fortunately she was sober and managed to run back to the club.

After reading this tale there is no way I will take a rickshaw at night, and on my own too. Fortunately at night I am normally with my bf and we ended up on the tube or on a bus.

Considering there are no background checks, is it any wonder this type of thing happens? And what is the Mayor doing about it?

“Insurance – are they insured?

Contrary to popular belief, the rickshaws run by the main companies definitely carry full public liability insurance. This is part of their voluntary code of practice.

Drivers – who are they?

The drivers are mostly young foreign students trying to make a bit of money to help fund their studies. A few may have shadier backgrounds. They don’t have background checks. They do receive training via the London Pedicabs Operators Association and there is a voluntary Drivers Code of Conduct. Your driver should be wearing a name badge.

Read more: http://usefulwiki.com/londontheatre/fancy-a-rickshaw-ride-after-the-theatre-5-things-you-should-know.html#ixzz0iNOtNURq”


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