Women Cyclists & Lack of Free Time

I won’t be able to cycle today because I am doing lots of chores. When it sunny, not only does it mean ‘it’s a day for cycling’, it is also a day to do chores or even other hobbies.

I don’t really enjoy cycling when I have a whole load of things to do, I like to cycle with a ‘clear head’.

My garden takes up a lot of time and 2010 is the Year of MY Garden, I don’t want to ‘let it go’ like in 2008. I do want to keep on top of it. And when it is nice and sunny, even chores like mowing the grass is ok.

So I have spent most of the time in the garden and clearing out any books I don’t want and putting them outside on the doorstep for donations to a cancer charity.

I am luckier than some as I don’t have kids to clear up or do the washing for them, or do endless run rounds, but it must be a heck of lot worse for mothers. In fact, it must be hell. Their lives must revolve round trudgery. At least I get a bit of respite. ‘Me time’ is very important to me and I usually find sometime to have it although I don’t always manage to cycle.

I believe in making my life simple so I don’t have too much unnecessary stuff to do. I have just enough to do and I don’t need any more time consuming things to do. I blend my bike rides into commuting and the odd spin round London or community bike ride. I wouldn’t be able to manage to do endurance cycling anymore with all the other stuff I have to do, if I do, somethings may have to be sacrificed.

And I think my new netbook is ‘eating into my cycling time’… that doesn’t help. Now back to the chores Missus Mop.

So another reason why we are not cycling enough is that we are doing chores, as we often don’t get any bloody help!


One response to “Women Cyclists & Lack of Free Time

  1. weefoldingbike

    Bother the chores. Get on your bike.

    Having said that I had to pick up the kids from school and I didn’t use a bike trailer because I wasn’t sure how they would feel. I go to work on a bike every day and I did when I lived in London 20 years ago too. I don’t get much time for recreational cycling anymore, it’s just part of my day to be on a bike.

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