Happy St Patrick’s Day

I read that St Patrick banished snakes from Ireland and apparently even now this is true.

But of course, if you have seen one lurking in the bushes, let me know and we will put this myth to rest.

2 responses to “Happy St Patrick’s Day

  1. O we have Plenty of Snake’s left,the two legged Kind up in the big House in Kildare Street, The Politician’s. Looking after Number one as usual themselves.
    I hope you were able to see St Pat’s Parade in London. I took part in our’s in Dublin as part of the Dublin Cycling Campaign Group. I posted a lot of Pictures of it on my Blog. We were at the end of the Parade together with Wolf Cycles who had Old Bicycles and dressed up in Old fashioned Clothes,It was great fun but stopping and starting and trying not to bump into each other.

  2. Actually I missed the Parade by a few hours which was a shame. I heard that some people were carrying freebie camel packs of green beer.

    I think we have plenty of snakes like yours over over here too.

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