Detective visit

I had the police come round today and we discussed nailing this crook. He says there is no guarantee to get him ‘because of the law’ but he is still looking at it.

I also suggested he alert the road traffic police as the crook could be a cr*p driver and if we can get him disqualified then he will, in theory be off the roads, and unable to do his ‘business’ properly. Many crims use their cars. I don’t suppose he will bother though.

The detective was quite nosy. He commented on my ‘quaint house’ and my dad’s old barometer’. He didn’t mention the sculpture I did of a naked woman which was just by it. I forgot to remove it before he came! He probably thought it was me. Ouch.

3 responses to “Detective visit

  1. That is the problem with Detectives they are always very Nosey. They are checking you out to see if you are a Subversive or Troublemaker or Crank. They also watch what your House is like what condition it is in ,what you have in it. They can be rather nasty,they can start of nice then get sarcastic to see the Reaction. It comes with the Job I am afraid.

    He was probably admiring the Sculpture to much to say anything.

  2. I hadn’t th0ught they could be like that. He sounded like he was genuinely interested. As for being a trouble maker, most of my cycling books were in the other room and he didn’t go there.I suppose no one keeps their dodgy books in the living room. I even hide my Buddhist books in case my mother sees them and throws a tantrum.

  3. I would if I had any like Das Kapital and stick it in a prominent place just for fun to see the Reaction from People.

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