Cycling Grub: Healthy Snacks on the Go – Rice Cakes

I have been making lots of stuff with flour and butter (more for the ‘ fun factor’) lately but obviously, if this kind of behaviour carries on, I will be a fat cow. Enough is enough!

So I’m now looking for cycling snacks that are filling and healthy, and can be preferably made by myself before I go out. Something different from sarnies which I am getting a bit bored with.

‘TheFixedFactor’ on Twitter recommended this cool rice cake recipe, created by Allan Lim, a Sports Physiologist, which means that you don’t even have to feel ‘guilty about eating it’. Damm good news that.

Here he is:

I like it how he says ‘these lil’ babies’ and then he goes and drops the fork in the pan. I also like the ‘cool, pacey cycling music’ at the beginning – Delia Smith never does that.

This snack looks really delicious and I think if food looks that great, more women will take up racing!

When I think of ‘cycling food’, I tend to think of those ‘orrible tasteless ‘hamster’ bars that pull out your teeth. Food that makes you feel miserable. Now this rice cake looks tasty with all the tasty ingredients thrown in.

I will definitely have a crack at making this although he didn’t say anything about whether it is freezable, may it isn’t because of egg.


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