“Run ’em Down!” says Tony Kornheiser, US Radio Host

He was complaining about a whole road being made into a cycle lane:-

but after his ‘run ’em down comments’ loads of cyclists complained and it quickly got round to Lance Armstrong who ended up on Kornheiser’s show. Armstrong went on to make some good points and that cyclists and motorists should have ‘mutual respect’.

He also ‘stuck up for women cyclists’ who may be afraid of learning to cycle because of the dangerous motorists. He also spoke well and kept his composure (surprisingly).

There’s this myth that motorists are impatient and only ‘pick on cyclists’ but they are impatient even with funeral hearses and horse riders. Many motorists don’t give a damm. It is even worse for horse riders, as they cannot get away easily and the horse could bolt. Motorists want to go fast.

The media as we know ‘hates cyclists’. It is just that other news doesn’t get reported so much but they are easily found all over the internet, although some of these may not be reported at all. I know for a fact that a policewoman riding her horse was hit by a motorist, as she told me. Why do you think there are hardly any horses actually using the road? They are being hounded out by the aggressive motorist. God help anyone who gets in their way.

Then Lance reminded Kornheiser that ‘this is 2010’ and because of the rising of social media comments such as his will escalate so he has to be careful with what he says.

Just goes to show how important it is for cyclists to complain on a mass scale.

This is the Cyber Velorution – We are a FORCE!


3 responses to ““Run ’em Down!” says Tony Kornheiser, US Radio Host

  1. I notice he changed his attitude immediately when talking to Lance Armstrong. He came across as Patronising and Condescending and completely Rowed back on what he had said previousely. He said it was all one big Joke and he did not mean it.

    Lance was very Polite and did not attack him in any way but reminded him that some People meaning Motorists would actually take him up on what he had said literally and knock a Cyclist down. That cyclists needed to be Respected on the Road and were entitled to be on it just like the Motorists. Lance also reminded him of the Controversy and Ire that he Tony Kornheiser has stirred up with Cyclists and that any thing that is said on the Media or Internet is picked up everywhere in the World and there is no escape from Public Scrutiny.

    I think he was taken aback by it and got a shock and then started getting very Palsy Walsy with Lance Armstrong and started talking about Cycling and the problems with Motorists.

    It is the same with all the other Detractors of Cycling who make a big Joke of knocking down Cyclists like James Martin. They soon stop the Jeering and nasty remarks when they realise the Furore they have stirred up.

  2. Yes, noticed he started all getting palsy walsy. That ignorant bloke has no idea how dangerous it is for cyclists, how almost every day someone is killed by aggressive or distracted motorists. He has no idea how angry it makes us feel. Maybe Kornheiser should go on a bike ride in the rush hour and see what it is like for himself.

  3. and an irate cycling blogger says:

    “I became aware of this show through Lance Armstrong’s tweet “Listening to Tony Kornheiser’s comments/rant on ESPN radio re: cyclists. Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot.” and decided to listen to that show. I found it very hard listening to him with comments like “get out of my way”…and i found it even harder that the other people on the show did not point out to him the obvious: cyclists are simply people who ride a bike. Why have all this hater for people who decide to exercise and commute on an environmentally friendly machine? “

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