Budget 2010

Fuel tax will go but motorists are unhappy with it like this one on Twitter:

“Dep_OMagazine is depressed following the budget. The increase in petrol (again) is bad enough”.

But there is always stealing and motorists have been doing that, even before the tax hike. They have no conscience. Honestly, and they moan about potholes, well, cough up then pay your tax.

From The Telegraph:

“Next month’s fuel duty increase will be staged; it will rise by 1p in April, followed by a further 1p rise in October and the remaining 1p in January next year.”

and for the drink drivers, tax on booze will go up:

“Duty on beer, wine and spirits will increase as planned from midnight on Sunday. Alcohol duty will also increase by 2% above inflation for two further years from 2013.”

It won’t be enough to stop them of course.

Nothing mentioned on tax on pollution masks, unsurprisingly. Why should we pay tax on those?


One response to “Budget 2010

  1. Which will lead to more of the Petrol Heads abandoning Cars altogether because they cannot afford them anymore and buying Bicycles to Commute. This is good because it will make it that bit safer on the Road for genuine Cyclists.

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