Local News v National News

The Hackney Gazette had on their front page the story of the cyclist Shivon Watson who had been killed in Hackney going to work. The paper stated that over 100 cyclists have been injured in Hackney in from 2008 to 09

But on the front page of a national newspaper, we have a trivial story of Cameron’s wife as she is going to have a baby.

Cameron has been on TV recently saying that politicans are too obsessed with themselves than their own country. So why is his wife on the front page of a national newspaper, and why on earth were two whole pages devoted to her when the news is not of any national importance? I wish ‘FamCam’ would get off the front page.

David Cameron was, however, in the Hackney Gazette but relegated to the middle pages.

As you can see the national media is more concerned about writing political news than serious news about road deaths. I for one certainly don’t want to read about a woman having a baby, no matter what political party it is, why can’t these people just do what everyone else does and put the baby’s new name, when it is born, in a local paper, and that only takes one paragraph, not three whole pages of a national newspaper!

Well done to the Hackney Gazette for being proactive and using a bit of commonsense.

As I write this there will be a memorial ride for Shivon this evening.


2 responses to “Local News v National News

  1. Just have a look at the so called Newspaper,the Sun Rubbish. It just contains Tittle Tattle a Gossip Column Periodical and Page three Pin up Girl usually and some Sports at the back. It is usually a Right Wing Rag bag Paper.

    All the Media should be Talking about the Injuries and Fatalities of Cyclists and calling for better Infrastructure. Cycling is the coming thing now whether they like it or not with more and more Cyclists on the Road. Car Ownership will be a minority interest after awhile and the attention of the Media will have to be focused on them sooner or later.

  2. It should be a minority interest to enjoy reading this crap!

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