The “Mr Men Spot” – Whiny Motorists


4 responses to “The “Mr Men Spot” – Whiny Motorists

  1. alexwarrior1

    Lol, so true. And all the other motoring Mr/Little Misses would be around consoling them

  2. It is good that a nice little Cartoon.We have these Mr Men as well who complain when they are given a Ticket for speeding. They think they can get away with it especially a bit outside the City where there is no Police. Except that we have Spot checks for Speeding and Tax and Insurance and anything else they can find wrong with a Vehicle. If they stop you for speeding or if your Tax Disc or Insurance Disc is out of Date then they go to Town on you and piecemeal check on everything. Heretofore Drivers from across the Border or from Britain got away with not paying Tickets and the same for those from the Republic Traveling to Nth Ireland and Britain but now it is already changed or is changing and no matter what Jurisdiction you happen to come from you will not Escape Paying anymore.If you escape back Home to Britain with Motoring Offences committed in the Republic you wont be able to get away with anymore,there will be a Reciprocal Arrangement between the two Jurisdiction.

    Plus the fact that there is Automatic Speed Cameras in various areas on Poles or else in Unmarked Vans,big Brother is watching you.

  3. They will no doubt be blubbering over the Budget too!

  4. I think with all the police after them I should have drawn Mr Motorist on the floor rolling about and having a toddler tantrum!

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