“See I don’t need a car!”

A bicycle spotted by St Martin’s Church in London. It is a good job that there aren’t many hills in London.

6 responses to ““See I don’t need a car!”

  1. It looks like they are heading off on an Expedition to the Hindu Kush in the Himalayas. I do not like that Load very Tiring. Best to have as little as possible.

  2. I didn’t see the cyclist so I didn’t get the chance to be nosy and ask. Maybe it was a the round-the-world kind of cyclist?

  3. That’s such a heavy load and so much of that would make punctures more likely perhaps.

  4. If I did not know any better it could even be a Tramp. There was a Man in Dublin once Years ago who was a Tramp and carried his stuff on a Bike loaded up like this. He never actually Rode on the Bike but just walked it around the Streets.

    Eventually he wore away the Tyres and the bike was left just on the Wheel Rims being walked from Street to Street.

  5. I think I’ve seen the owner pushing – but never riding – this bike a couple of times, and I suspect he is homeless.

  6. I thought he could be has he had more than usual.

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