So Pro-Car, Anti-Ramps & Speeder Brian Coleman is sacked

An excerpt from

“Boris Johnson’s fire chief Brian Coleman has lost his position as Chairman of a National fire board after increasing concerns about his behaviour.

The LGA confirmed to me this morning that Brian is no longer Chairman of the National Organisation of Employers of Local Authority Fire & Rescue Services.

A spokesman said that Brian had lost his position but would not confirm the exact date or circumstances of his departure.

Brian himself has also failed to respond to my questions about this.

However sources within the National Joint Council tell me that Brian’s chairmanship was recently the subject of a vote of no confidence.

They say that there have been “major grumblings” about his behaviour at meetings, and that complaints have been made by members.”

and later he goes to say:

“Brian Coleman was sacked as Chair of a National fire council because of “multiple concerns” about his behaviour towards others.”

and in February there was a Firefighter’s protest against him.

A reminder of what he is like from Wiki:-

“During his time as a councillor in the London Borough of Barnet, Coleman has built up a reputation as an outspoken supporter of car driving, leading Richard Littlejohn to label him a “hero” for introducing a policy of removing road humps when the roads of Barnet are resurfaced.Coleman quotes the Metropolitan Police and the London Ambulance Service as being supporters of this policy while road safety critics argue that the policy is reckless and driven by populism and self promotion.

Coleman was caught by a speed camera exceeding a 30 mph speed limit in Borehamwood in January 2006. He already had 9 points on his driving licence. On 9 August 2006 at St Albans Magistrates’ Court, Coleman was given three points on his licence, banned from driving for six months and fined £300.

In August 2007 Coleman received an apology from the BBC after he complained that the appearance of Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq at the media launch of a London cycling event was political. Speaking at the launch, the Mayor of London and a Green party assembly member had accused Conservatives of pursuing a pro-car policy.”

and admits that he is an ‘an active Methodist’, though you kind of wonder if he ever goes to church!


One response to “So Pro-Car, Anti-Ramps & Speeder Brian Coleman is sacked

  1. Major problems for improving Cycling Infrastructure if People like this can still intervere in Road Safety Policies. His kind of person is the reason that Road Humps were installed in the first place inspite of Speed Limits with Signage they still break the Rules. They cannot be trusted to Drive safely .

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