Memorial Bike Ride Today for the 3 cyclists killed

From the Evening Standard 26/3/10:

“The ride, starting at 6pm on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge, goes to Tower Bridge Road, where the accident involving university professor David Vilaseca, 46, occurred, then Weston Street in Southwark, where student Haris Ahmed, 21, was killed and Lauriston Road in Hackney, near where singer Shivon Watson, 28, died. There will be a minute’s silence at each site. ”

I would love to go but am work. Good luck to everyone who is going.


3 responses to “Memorial Bike Ride Today for the 3 cyclists killed

  1. I’ll be checking this out tonight. Guess it is a good way to raise some awareness!

  2. Yes, it will, hope lots turn up.

    It will be interesting to see what the public make of it, and whether they will come up and ask questions. I think it is great that cyclists stand up for each other and join a memorial ride. London is so much better for this than Kent.

    In Kent when a cyclist gets killed, nothing happens, no memorial ride. Nothing. No one cares over here. It barely gets onto the front page.

    I look forward to seeing your photos and experiences of tonight on your blog. Wonder if it will the media will give it better exposure, wonder if it will be televised?

  3. The best of luck to those who are going on the Ride. The more that turn up the better the outcome.

    We have the same problems in Dublin with those HGV’s although it is mostly Tipper and Skip Lorries that do the damage now as opposed to the Huge Juggernauts which are mostly banned. We have the occasional fatality of Cyclists being killed by them and our two Ghost Bikes one on Harolds Cross Bridge and the other on Wellington Quay can testify to.

    We will be having our own Critical Mass in Dublin at starting off as usual from the Memorial Arch on St Stephens Green. But ours is only the Fourth after a Layoff of about ten Years,so the amount of Cyclists turning up will be probably small but wont lack for Enthusiasm. We are on Facebook, Dublin Critical Mass and Flicker. My Regards to London Critical Mass.

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