Cr*p Bike Shop opening times for Bike Commuters

I have put a rant on my bad bicycle shops blog: about bike shops not opening early or late for bicycle commuters, particularly in provincial downs.

The link is under My Other Cycling Blogs. Any comments on this I have put on the other blog.

2 responses to “Cr*p Bike Shop opening times for Bike Commuters

  1. weefoldingbike

    Chains rarely break. I snapped one in 1981 going up a steep hill in Ayrshire. Of course I don’t use fancy pants HyperGlide chains.

    I carry some tools and a couple of spare tubes. I rarely have more than a Bahco adjustable spanner, some allen keys, a Swiss Army knife and some tyre levers.

    A bit of preventative maintenance will mean that little goes wrong. Even punctures can be largely avoided by using something like a Marathon Plus tyre. Check tyres, cables, sprockets and chain at the weekend. Cables fray where they bend. They also get corroded and don’t slide well. Chains get worn and over length. Replace them at 1% over. You can measure it with a Park or Rholoff tool. Keep tyres up to pressure, use a stand up pump with a gauge. Keep it clean and oiled… not easy in the winter but you need to do it.

    Another option is to use a Brompton and if something goes wrong you can fold it up and get on the bus.

  2. Hi I will reply to your comments on my other blog link is also on my Toxic London Blog under My Other Cycling Blogs

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