Photos from The Chocolate Festival

A Chocolate van

I bought these: a white cardamon chocolate bar and a black chocolate one – I mostly bought them for their wrappers.

The Southbank aka ‘Chocolate Heaven’.

Also there was a ‘healthy chocolate’ stall selling chocolate that had ‘free radicals’ and chocolate bars with no sugar. I didn’t get any of those but I wish I did now. I do need to wean myself of sugar a bit:-)

What else? They had a drinking chocolate stall – one sold an excellent ‘Mexican Chocolate drink’ which tasted wonderfully ‘woody’, just perfect for drinking by a log fire in the winter.

The woman was stirring the chocolate in one vast cauldron and a customer asked ‘is that poison?!” The woman laughed.

My boyfriend hearing that said that he will need to take the name and address of the woman just he in case he was ‘poisoned’. I said ‘what a way to go though”.

Chocolate Sculptures

From Alice in Wonderland

Something for Easter

A tree like sculpture.


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