The Chocolate Festival beckons

For once I am not working this evening so I can get the chance to see the free Chocolate Festival in the Southbank which goes on till 8pm.

I hear the chocolates will be expensive but I can still enjoy looking anyway. I am looking forward to seeing the designs of the Easter Eggs. My boyfriend isn’t that keen but he knows he can’t stop me. Will put up some photos tonight or tomorrow.

Update: as I left work I had a puncture, the tyre even came off. I managed to put it back and did it with my new nifty tyre levers. Well impressed. But my hands were filthy. Had to nip it into Halfords to quickly sort it out. I also bought some spanners, the large ‘professional type’. What a nuisance. Halfords admitted to leaving the thorn in. I suspected that was it. It would be too much of a coincidence.

I need to get some gloves for next time.


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