Damage caused by a Reckless Motorist

A motorist mounts the pavement in a surburban area and causes property damage. The weather was fine, the road was fine and it was daylight, so not a very complicated drive really.

Let’s hope he pays for this mess. I am pleased to say that the police caught up with him.

As more and more cars go on the road, will our homes be safe from them? Maybe homes with a high concentration of vehicles or frail 85-year-olds driving should have brick walls or metal fencing around their gardens in the future. Motorists going into gardens is a symptom of motorists being out of control, not having Advanced Driving courses, not being fit for the road, perhaps having a car far too powerful for them ….and watching too much Top Gear.

Maybe household insurance premiums should go up in high car concentrated? After all, many motorists do hit and runs leaving the mess for the householder to sort out. More cars and lorries, the more risk.

Wooden fences are soooooo unsuitable for the 21st century. Toxic surburbia needs walls.


2 responses to “Damage caused by a Reckless Motorist

  1. weefoldingbike

    I think carnage would require some dead people.

    The tree Marc Bolan hit might be more appropriate. It was still there in the early 90s when I lived in London.


  2. Just changed carnage to property damage, though I like stronger words for it.

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