3 punctures in a row

Had to take my bike to Halfords for a puncture, then the next day it had another puncture – Halfords found a thorn, it appears they didn’t take it out.

And lo, I have another puncture in the same wheel again.

Trying to fix it myself but the bolts are too stiff to remove, have put WD40 and oil.

I rang up boyfriend and he said I need to kick the spanner anti-clockwise, did so, and had to use a tough pair of shoes to do so, my girly shoes wouldn’t work.

I am going to wait to Sunday to get it fixed now. Then bf will take me through it. I want to be able to get those things off and it is 9.30pm and it is getting too late to faff around with a puncture.


8 responses to “3 punctures in a row

  1. weefoldingbike

    Get a longer spanner. A big Bahco shifter will go down to the 15mm you need for an axle bolt but give you a lever to turn it. Or put a bit of pipe on the end of a shorter spanner.

    You can also get a Var tyre lever which makes it easier to put the tyre back on. I only use it for Marathon Plus on 349mm rims.


    Of course this is what you really need:


    If you can’t find him then you could always learn how to mend a puncture. You don’t need to take the wheel off if you patch it in situ.

  2. I have a really long 15mm spanner and I have just learned to kick the damm thing with my feet using a pair of old shoes.It moved a bit and I think I can get them off now but it is getting late and I am going to spend some time later faffing with it on Sunday afternoon when I have more time. I am looking forward to it in a weird way. Will have a look your links later.

  3. I didn’t know that you can patch it in situ… how can that happen? That sounds pretty good to me.

  4. My tyres are quite easy to put back on, which surprised me, I managed to put them on the other day when they came off in the second puncture.

    If I didn’t have my old shoes with me then I’d need to learn how to fix them in situ, I still can’t believe that can be done.

  5. Just seen the Monty Python Bicycle Repairman – Oh Good Grief!

  6. weefoldingbike

    I find it footery but some people prefer to patch it without taking the wheel off.

    Use tyre levers on the left hand side of the back wheel or either side of the front wheel. Once you have one tyre bead out of the rim you can pull the tube out. You can blow it up a bit to help find the hole and once you have it you can patch it.

    I carry a spare tube and put that in when I get a puncture. I also carry kit to patch it just in case.

    If you fit a pair of these:


    You can almost forget about punctures. They are heavy but if you get a lot of flats it could be worth it.

  7. On my old bike I had tough Specialised tyres, but this is a new bike so I am still using the same tyres, that are supposed to be ‘puncture proof’.

    I going to consider changing tyres if I seem to be having a problem. I haven’t had a puncture for ages, so it is all strangley sudden, perhaps there was another thorn, not just on.

    Those marathon tyres look fantastic but I will have to lock my wheels with those on.

  8. weefoldingbike

    Tyres pick up more punctures when they get worn because the rubber gets thinner. I get about 12K miles out of a back Marathon Plus. Front tyres have less loading and last longer. It can be worth moving a part worn front tyre onto the back and put the new one at the front where it is more important to have grip but in practice I don’t bother.


    Have you considered quick release hubs to get round your removal problems?

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