Boycott the Daily Mail – lack of women’s sports coverage

It’s not just The Sun who fails to adequately report women’s sports, but women sports reporters in the Daily Mail are made to report about men’s football! Can you believe that? And there are no men to report women’s sport?!

An example: today paper dated 30/3/10/ there are 14 pages devoted to men and ‘men’s sports’. And just 12 words (including initials and numbers) devoted to the results of women’s tennis – we don’t even know where the game was being held), that’s 2 measly lines in a mini-paragraph. This is really bad journalism. Even the sports reporter Laura Williamson.. had to write about men’s football!.

Just where are the women in the Daily Mail’s sports pages?

We want to read about riding, Cycling, women’s football, rally driving, badminton, swimming etc. Women aren’t a minority, we hare half the population! British sportswomen are being deliberately censored in the media unless of course they are wearing a pretty skirt in tennis or a royal is in it.


7 responses to “Boycott the Daily Mail – lack of women’s sports coverage

  1. weefoldingbike

    I’m going to boycott it because it has no coverage of guys in Doc Marten boots, kilts and RayBans.

  2. Good point about the kilts, you never see them in any main stream paper. You wouldn’t believe Scotland exists!

  3. Great Blog i was wondering would some woman understand sports better if it were broken down or explained in great detail. I try to help readers in general by using politics. I would like to cover more female sports.

  4. Thanks…

    I think what doesn’t help is the lack of variety of sports in schools. It is better now than in the 1960s, we were given about four sports to choose from, and most of them were not in the ‘Sports Pages’, such as netball and rounders. Us girls would know the rules of them if we were taught them. But the media focusses on sports we don’t know, it is no wonder we are bamboozed, we don’t know the rules in ‘plain english’. I have never played cricket and don’t know the rules much so avoid watching it.

    I think at school, sport was just to ‘keep us fit’ and that’s it, not to have much fun. I mean rounders is a fairly simple game. Clearly they didn’t want to push us! Of course some girls nowadays play football so will understand the rules. If boys played football only at school and if the media wouldn’t cover it, and say have rounders instead, even they would have difficulty, well not that much, but it will be a whole new sport to them and can put people off.

    I think it is good for any sport to be taught step-by-step to give people confidence. You only look in the paper to see ‘professionals’ playing and there is too much jargon for us to understand, after all, we weren’t taught it in the first place. It is like going from Step 1 to Advanced, kinds of puts me off anyway. But having no women’s coverage at all,doesn’t give us much confidence in even pursuing it.

  5. Womens basketball has a strong following and if the other sports would get on board it would boost the sport with high school.

  6. I have never seen women’s basketball in my entire life! However, basketball is taking off here and I have seen mixed sex & abilities. In fact I wanted to play basket ball and even bought some books on it. But they did it in a different town to me and it was hard for me to get to and I didn’t really want to play basketball with 16 year olds! I am tall so it would have been very good for me. I never read about this in the main stream newspapers and even the local shops don’t have anything for women unless it is pilates or yoga. It is more ‘mum’s sports round here’.

  7. Im hoping to run some deep stuff on WNBA players and the game as well. But try online bookstores and google which has the sport in great detail look out for my stuff as well P S we havr woman coaching HS football

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