The Greenway is now ‘an Airstrip’

The grassy cycle path has now been tarmac-ed over for the Olympics and it looks more like an extension to London City airport.

Maybe it is one of silly Boris’s shared schemes and cyclists have got to share it with planes.

4 responses to “The Greenway is now ‘an Airstrip’

  1. weefoldingbike

    Millions spent on the Olympics but it’s outwith Barnet consequentials.

    Silly logo too.

  2. alexwarrior1

    They tarmac-ed over my soccer field for the Vancouver olympics to be used for storing Olympics equipment or something. I think we’re getting it back as grass soon…

  3. That’s really said that, ironic that it is a sportfield

    Tarmac isn’t aesthetic, at least with a cycle path it should look attractive and be suitable for skinny bike tyres. I thought they would have put a nice, fairly rough, ‘natural’ surface, more ‘stoney’ than a horrible ‘motorway’ like that. They could have made something arty ie a natural mosiac’ – maybe of the Olympics, and made a wonderful ‘tourit feature’ of the path not a bland one.

    They are into ‘car mode’. It is a all grey and unpleasant.

  4. Good link, will look into that later.

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