Train Strikes

Though I won’t be affected too much by the strikes, I think 4 days ‘is rather a lot’. I can’t remember any time when strikes were that long. It feels more like a long Easter holiday for them.

I can put up with the odd day here and there, after all, workers shouldn’t be exploited but four days is rather a lot, and I used to be a TSSA member. they are doing their best to get Labour out before the elections, but you would have tEmployees found it hard enough to get into work with the snow earlier this year. I think hought most of are Labour anyway. I know that they still wanted to be affiliated to the Labour party, not to any other.

I think I will go up to London on Easter day and come back Monday instead of staying over till Tuesday. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off anyway so I could do some gardening then.

As I work near my employment, rail strikes and snow disruptions are a thing of the past. I still think it is best to work near your job, if at all possible. Even if there are strikes, bad weather and now punctures, I can still get to work by walking.

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