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Blog Closed Forever

I have decided to close my all my cycling blogs forever.

I will keep in touch on Youtube and on Facebook with the usual regulars.

Cycling is just a ‘man’s sport’ it seems. I don’t really feel part of the cycling gang whatsoever.

Blog Protest: This Blog is now Closed until further notice

The boycott begins.


I am thinking of having a Blog Protest about the lack of women’s sports coverage in the media.

Women are contributing greatly to sports and but the media is carrying out a deliberate censorship.

I am thinking of closing all my cycling blogs in protest for a while or maybe forever (maybe it is a modern day version of running under a horse in the races).

Boycott the Mirror: Absence of Women’s Sports coverage

Once again, there were no pages of women’s sport on today’s Mirror, dated 05.04.10 although there were photos of women on the sports pages on ‘sex line’ ads:-)

Boycott The Sun: 42 page of sport, no women’s coverage (again)

Once again, there are no articles in any of the Sun’s sports pages, today 05/04/10 of women’s sport. More censorship, although there is a photo of a woman in the Sports Pages but she is expecting a sportman’s baby.

Lazy Journalism & The BBC

The badly written article by the BBC made ‘headlines’ today. It was so poor that no one bothered to find out whether the disabled child was in the car at time. Apparently even the police didn’t know.

Why not ask them, speak to witnesses and/or check the BBC? Why write a load of ‘news’ without any basic investigative research? The mind boggles. How on did the editors pass this?

What a dozy lot.

“Model Katie Price and husband Alex Reid have been questioned by police about an argument over a disabled parking space at a shopping centre.

Price, who has a disabled son, Harvey, is alleged to have got involved in a row after Reid parked in a disabled bay at Goldstone Retail Park in Hove.

Celebrity Big Brother winner Reid was confronted by a woman and her partner who objected to him using the space.

Sussex Police said all four were questioned but no arrests made. (What they were questioned and still they don’t know if the child was in there? Eh?)

The force said inquiries were continuing.

It would appear that a dispute had arisen over the occupation of a disabled parking bay and also involved the partner of one of the men and the wife of the other
Sussex Police spokesman

It would appear that a dispute had arisen over the occupation of a disabled parking bay and also involved the partner of one of the men and the wife of the other.”

Police said it was not known if any of Price’s children were present during the row, or if the couple who challenged the use of the parking space were themselves disabled.”

Am soon off to the wilds of Kent

As my bf is off for several months soon on a retreat and will be leaving Leyton, I was inspired to make this video. I am not really looking forward to being in deepest Kent, as you can imagine but still, it could be worse.

Virtual Tour of the Velodrome is Now Out

See or click the links on the right ie London 2012

More blogs created

I have recently put on some baby blogs.. the beginnings of another sphere of ‘cycling life’ that I will add to every so often when the opportunity arise: (blog about bike cartoons – expression, humour, bicycle film festival stuff) (Nuisance motorists on pavements) (various obstructions:cars, road signs, pineapples etc)

These are found below on the Right Hand Link ‘My Cycling Blogs’

Because a cycling blogs can be so ‘bitty’ with ‘stuff’, I thought I would specialise in certain areas and perhaps develop my eye a bit more, and expand my knowledge in the world of bicycle animation.

Charity 32-mile Bike Ride Animation

I am getting a bit obsessed with cycling animations. I don’t have sound so I hope there are so expletives in this one but even with the sound off, I liked it, and I enjoyed watching the horrible weather – just like a long charity ride:-)