Lazy Journalism & The BBC

The badly written article by the BBC made ‘headlines’ today. It was so poor that no one bothered to find out whether the disabled child was in the car at time. Apparently even the police didn’t know.

Why not ask them, speak to witnesses and/or check the BBC? Why write a load of ‘news’ without any basic investigative research? The mind boggles. How on did the editors pass this?

What a dozy lot.

“Model Katie Price and husband Alex Reid have been questioned by police about an argument over a disabled parking space at a shopping centre.

Price, who has a disabled son, Harvey, is alleged to have got involved in a row after Reid parked in a disabled bay at Goldstone Retail Park in Hove.

Celebrity Big Brother winner Reid was confronted by a woman and her partner who objected to him using the space.

Sussex Police said all four were questioned but no arrests made. (What they were questioned and still they don’t know if the child was in there? Eh?)

The force said inquiries were continuing.

It would appear that a dispute had arisen over the occupation of a disabled parking bay and also involved the partner of one of the men and the wife of the other
Sussex Police spokesman

It would appear that a dispute had arisen over the occupation of a disabled parking bay and also involved the partner of one of the men and the wife of the other.”

Police said it was not known if any of Price’s children were present during the row, or if the couple who challenged the use of the parking space were themselves disabled.”


2 responses to “Lazy Journalism & The BBC

  1. It would appear that is the whole point of the argument,were they entitled to Park there in the first place and that would depend on the Evidence the Child in question and did they have a Disabled Sticker.

    I do not know where the Law stands on Private Parking as this is a Supermarket site and not the Public right of way.We also have this problem here in Ireland with People Parking in Disabled Areas in Supermarkets Parking Lots. I gave out to People a few times doing it and you get all kinds of excuses and also threats.

    You sometimes see People with Disabled Stickers driving into Disabled Parking Bays and obviously nothing wrong with them at all. They are abusing the System with the disabled Person not in the Car with them.

    Our Supermarkets there is nobody actually enforcing the no Parking Rule in disabled Parking Bays. As it is on Private Lands I dont know where the Law stands on this.

    At a Cycle Campaign meeting I asked a City Councillor could they not make it a Law to force Shopping Centres to provide Cycle Parking in their Parking Lots and Malls and was told because it was Private Lands they could not force the issue. So the same would Apply to Disabled Parking the Police does not seem able to enforce it as it is on Private Land.

    It does not happen a lot but the odd occasion you see it with a Person Parking their Car and nothing wrong with them and an awful lot of spaces free of Cars nearby. They are just to Lazy to Walk an extra Fifty Feet.

  2. weefoldingbike

    I do sometimes pick up a car from a parent & child space when I don’t have a child. I had one when I parked but the child is with his mum and I’ve been sent to move the car.

    Parent and child spaces aren’t about walking further, they let you open the doors more so you can get kids out of the polystyrene seat.

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