Blog Closed Forever

I have decided to close my all my cycling blogs forever.

I will keep in touch on Youtube and on Facebook with the usual regulars.

Cycling is just a ‘man’s sport’ it seems. I don’t really feel part of the cycling gang whatsoever.

12 responses to “Blog Closed Forever

  1. That is sad to hear,keep up the Cycling and Protesting dont give up completely and drop by my Blog occassionally for a look at what is going on in Dublin,best of Luck.

  2. Oh I won’t give up the cycling. Am out on my bike at a cycling event right now and was just chatting with the police about drivers usng mobile phones and cyclists being thrown rubbish or being shot at. I said how some cyclists were being pushed by passengers in cars. The council were with me too and it was good making them aware that this is happening. I think they were quite shocked! I wanted to highlight motorist aggression.

    There was a bike shop there and I said that their labour charges were rip offs and they kept coming back every 5 minutes trying to do a deal! It was still too high though. It was funny, they were desperate to get my business.

    Anyway I am going to soldier on and do some ‘grass roots’ stuff, one woman cyclistv ‘against crap cycling’ and will let you know on FB if I get some ‘good stuff’.

  3. jackgreen88

    I think the great problem is the lack of Enforcement the Police in Britain and where I come from as well do not stop the Motorists from Parking or Driving on those Cycle Lanes.

    They just could not be bothered Cycling is just an afterthought. If you want a good Safe Cycling Infrastructure then they have to Control the Motorists it is still to pro Motorists.

    With Bike Shops you just have to Shop around. I have found when looking for stuff like Lights or anything else you have to check on the different Shops.The dearest Bike Shops do not necessarily always have the most expensive Gear , you just have to wander around and see what they all have . Sometimes you might find something that is two or Three Quid Cheaper than another Bike Shop.

    I am having a go at fixing the Puncture on the Rear Wheel of the Brompton Folding Bike,it will be the first time to do the Rear Wheel. I had to go and Ferret out the Bike Manual out of a Bureau Drawer. It is a bit more Fiddly than a Derailluer Geared Bike and it also has the two Systems on it Hub Geared and Derailleur and I did not want to tackle it without Swatting up on it. I will take some Pictures and put it on the Blog. The Bike was just lying there all forlorn needing to be fixed,I thought the Tyre was Bunched but it is alright. I dont have the Money for Schwalbe Marathons at the moment but probably will get them eventually. I was told that they are harder to get off a Bike than ordinary Tyres but you can get a Cheaper version of Puncture Resistant Tyres for the Brompton and they are less heavy and more smoother Cycling.

  4. It’s a shame to read that you’re blog will be gone, but I’m sure you’ll keep on with the cycling all the same. Hoping you’ll keep up the quest for Bike Cafés though?

    Lady Vélo x

  5. weefoldingbike

    I’ve reported incidents to the cops and they paid a visit to the drivers in question. The cops can’t do much more about it. I report these things to deter people from doing them again. I’m unlikely to be bothered but people who are new to cycling might be.

  6. I think I will keep some blogs:

    Bicycle Cafes (that’s fun and gives me a good excuse to explore them). And – that will keep bike shops on their toes:-)

    My Bicycle Poetry – that will encourage me to be more creative, and perhaps inspire others to write too.

    Hidden London by Bicycle – I like to discover new stuff anyway.

    I have a Youtube account cyclepod1 about general bike issues and rants.

  7. I remember when I was in my mad motorist days someone did ‘grass me up’ when I was driving erratically as the person next to me was trying to read a map out to me. I was slightly put out as I had a police car with flashing lights behind me but I am glad I was grassed as I honestly didn’t realise I was driving like that. I didn’t know the area and the road signs were unclear. The policeman was very nice and was glad that he mentioned it to me but I still had to submit my document, even though I had insurance and pay my road tax, I thought that was a bit unfair because I hadn’t be grassed for that but at the end of the day, I suppose, many other motorists don’t pay that so it was a good precaution.

    What I am trying to say is that it can be a good way to prevent this happening and for me, it really did help.

    It was also one of the wonderful hassles you get when driving a car, something I could do without.

  8. Just posted a comment on an old post of yours and now discover you’re gone. Great timing of mine.

    Can’t see the Hidden London by Bike blog though? : (

  9. Believe it or not I am coming back again.. watch this space!

  10. I am coming back ! Watch this space!

  11. I am coming back = watch this space

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