Yes, it is a bit of a shock to the system but I am coming back.

I have been away doing stuff, thinking, getting inspiration and now I am getting more into the ‘Road Safety World’ and I need to do ‘some refreshering’, though not sure if there is such a word.

I am now getting into the Safer Neighbourhood/Council stuff and life is better when you have ‘supportive back up’ which I am trying to get. It is hard to be one against the world, you have to work with it. I am now volunteering for BRAKE, which means a lot more support and facts. They have good PR too.

I haven’t been in London for a long time now but there are some good things happening.. one of them, being the Tweed Run, which I hope to do one day. I want to get my vintage bike in action again and even use it on my commute from time to time.

Another thing that I am getting into is the Fight for Electoral Reform and have been out in London protesting in Purple. With the Tories coming in now, road safety is more important than ever, as they stop funding for speed cameras etc. Being nearly killed the other day, by a mad driver, driving onto the other side of the road, is another reason I am back. I want ‘legal revenge’ on these mad motorists!

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